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Wednesday, 3-Sep-2008 01:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Merdeka la sangat...

haha.. aku tak merdeka.. kalau aku merdeka, dh lame aku bleh hapdet aku nye fotopages ni.. dh bersawang dh ni.. penat aku sapu debu2 kat page ni sbb dh lame sangat tinggalkan tempat ni..

Sunday, 7-Oct-2007 05:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam AidilFitri... Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Pre-Raya 1
Pre-Raya 2
Pre-Raya 3
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Di kesempatan ini, saya Wan Muhaimin bin Wan Ahmad, ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat keluarga tersayang, keluarga Wan Ahmad dan Rathiah yang berada di Kemaman, Dungun, Kuantan, dan seluruh pelusuk Kelantan. Tidak lupa juga buat teman-teman di Malaysia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Jepun, Russia, New Zealand etc etc yang mengenali diri ini.. Raikan kejayaan kita menempuhi sebulan bulan Ramadhan dengan penuh kesyukuran dan kegembiraan.

Ikhlas dari;

Wan Muhaimin bin Wan Ahmad,
The College of St Mark and St John,
PL6 8BH, Plymouth, UK.

noblemien @ gmail. com

p/s: dah tak sabar nk pack barang nk balik mesia neh!!

Thursday, 13-Sep-2007 06:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Perantauan Shootin'

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Weh korang!! Baru sehari puasa pon dah beraya keee??

Date : 13 September 2007
Venue : Around Marjon and Bircham Valley

fuzzy.. apsal tido haa..??

eh.. apsal org suke tido time amik gambo??

nedd.. so duniyo bulih tengok eyebag mum!! hehe

Tuesday, 11-Sep-2007 10:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eurotrip 12: Paris & Disneyland

Paris.. City of Romance.. hmmm best jugak pergi Paris ni and obviously the first destination would be the Eiffel Tower. Spend an hour or so there.. just a short visit.. I didnt go up the tower as i will go to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, a higher ground for the tourists to see the view of Paris.

This Romano-Byzantine basilica overlooks Montmartre, one of Paris's most picturesque districts. Its distinctive dome rising up over the rooftops, the basilica offers the perfect vantage point from which to survey the city. Inside, the mosaic of Christ and the crypt are of particular interest. Commissioned by the Catholic Church, construction began in 1875 under the watchful eye of architect Paul Abadie, and was finally completed in 1914.

Then we head to the Musee du Louvre.. If you watched the Da Vinci Code then you know how this museum looks like.. It is a very huge museum, and the biggest attraction here besides the glass pyramids, is the painting of Mona Lisa.

Originally built to defend Paris against the Vikings, this Renaissance palace became a museum in 1793. Today it houses impressive collections of Etruscan, Egyptian, Oriental, Roman and Greek artefacts as well as sculptures, paintings and other works of art ranging from the Middle Ages up to 1850, including Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic 'Mona Lisa'. Architect I.M. Pei's amazing glass pyramid, commissioned by the President Fran├žois Mitterrand, caused a sensation when it was added in 1989. Admission is EUR8.50 (EUR6 after 6p), and it's free for children under 18.

Then we walk from the area thru all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, passing thru the Champs-Elysees, a high street of Paris, where you can see all the famous boutiques, banks, shops, restaurants along the road. At the end of the road, you will see the Arc de Triomphe in the center of a huge 8-turnings roundabout.

The Arch is a site both of memories and current events and celebrations. The lists of the dead will move you. And the cars that drive around the monument will terrify you! Standing in a direct line between the Louvre and the Grande Arche de la Defense, the monument links the past with the present and offers amazing views. A truly impressive landmark, 50 metres high and 45 metres wide, Paris would not be Paris without it! Admission is EUR7.

Then i had a canal cruise viewing Paris from the water. It is indeed a very romantic city, and you can see many couples do their thangs alongside of the canals.

The next day, i spent the whole day in Disneyland Paris! It was awesome, but i didnt snap any pictures using my 350D because my memory card was full, Kinda sad and dissapointed too as i cudnt snap my memory there in pictures. Anyway, the roller-coaster rides made me forget all those sadness. Hehe.. there are a few "must-have-a-go" rollercoasters such as the Rocky Mountain, Space Mountain 2, Indiana Jones and a few more. Hehe i had at least 2 go each. and for Rocky Mountain and Space Mountain, i had 3 go each. and it was really really really fun. hehe..

and that's the end of my trip really. Head back to London the next day, and reached my private escapee around 2 in d morning..

Saturday, 8-Sep-2007 05:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eurotrip 11: Swiss Alps

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Took a cog railway up to Jungfrau Mountain, the top of europe (3454m). The journey took about 2 hours, but i didnt feel that long because of the breath-taking sceneries.

At the top of the mountain, there are a few things that can be done. There are a few view points to have a better view of the highest top of europe. And the view is totally awesome. Besides the view points, we can go out of the center and experience the real air, and snow while enjoying the view outside the window..

there is also an Ice palace where there is a lot of ice sculptures in it.. Very nice

I had a few go playing the ice slide.. hehe.. it was really fun and enjoyable. I did force my friend to take the picture of me playing it. It turned out to be so nice. thanks to her..

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